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Why The Well House

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About The Well House

The unique philosophy that created The Well House atmosphere was an urgent need to place our 95 year old grandmother somewhere that would make her happy, comfortable, reassure her she was special and provide for her immediate needs. This unique concept of a resident community was not easy to find and after searching to locate such we were unable to. We knew we would have to one day dedicate ourselves to providing such a setting for other grandmothers and family members who are faced with the prospect of leaving the warm comforts of their home hoping to live in a nurturing, caring setting.

“I just want to say thanks so much to you and your siblings for all you do for The Well House. Words can’t express how much I appreciate the parties/gatherings, decorations, entertainment, activities, etc. I feel so blessed that we have found your house for my mom and know she is in the best possible place.”

We Knew There Had to Be Something Better.

We knew there had to be something better for loved ones to live out their lives with respect and independence, surrounded by a loving environment. Our vision was to turn a house into a home where residents would enjoy living and have the care necessary to them in their later years. It is our joy to watch our residents relax within our caring community setting. We hope this atmosphere can be a model for years to come so that many more people can enjoy these essential comforts of home life.

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