About The Well House

The concept of The Well House resulted from the situation that you may find yourself in now or the near future. In 2008 we found ourselves trying to find a way to care for our mother who suffered from dementia.

We tried in-home care and found that to be unreliable and insufficient for the help she needed. We then tried an assisted living home. This seemed to be better in the beginning but the more we were there, the more we noticed the residents just parked in front of the television.

We knew there had to be something better.

With the house that we grew up in being empty, we looked into the possibility of turning it into an assisted living home and returning mom to her home. The house was completely gutted, the ceilings raised, and minor additions to the original footprint. More windows were added and the landscaping redone. The porches that our parents spent a lot of time in their later years were expanded. The interior was designed to reflect the era the residents grew up in.

Our vision of the house was to be a home where residents would enjoy living and have the care that they may need in their later years. The garden that our father tended since 1955 is now tended by The Arvada Garden Club. We have two of the plots, so there are fresh vegetables in the summer. The garden generates a lot of activity that the residents find entertaining. From the back porch they can watch the tractor plow and rototil the garden in the spring, the various gardeners tending their plot throughout the spring and summer, the different styles of plants and planting, and finally the harvest.